Career Services

Through the Gateway Program, Career Services uses a developmental approach in its work with students. First Year students are assigned a Gateway counselor with whom they will work all four years. Counselors work with students to evaluate their interests, skills, and values, and to set goals for their Lafayette experience.

Career Services helps students support their exploration in the classroom with opportunities in the broader community.  Community service, externships (job and graduate school shadowing), internships, study abroad, community-based learning, fellowships, and research opportunities (both with our faculty and with other undergraduate institutions) are just a few examples of experiential learning.  These experiences provide students “real world” perspective that complements their academic pursuits.

Faculty play an important role in the success of Career Services’ initiatives.  Employers often want to meet with faculty members to learn more about the academic preparation of potential candidates.  Career Services welcomes the opportunity to provide relevant programs to classes upon request, and has a history of successful partnerships with faculty across departments.

Gateway counselors work with students on selecting a major, defining career and educational goals, preparing for internship and job searches, planning for graduate school, as well as work transitions after Lafayette.  Faculty who may be working with students looking for guidance on these topics are encouraged to suggest a visit to Career Services.

Career Services conducts an annual comprehensive survey of the graduating class to collect information regarding postgraduate plans including employment, graduate or professional schools, and term of service opportunities.

Career Services Hogg Hall (Second Floor)
Ext. 5115, Fax: 330-5719
Executive Director, Linda Arra
Associate Director for Employer Relations, Nanette Cooley
Associate Director for Gateway Program & Graduate School Advising, Melissa Schultz
Associate Director for Special Programs, Maureen Walz Boehmer
Assistant Director, Alumni Career Services, Margie Cherry
Assistant Director, Internships & Volunteer Opportunities, Erin Jennings
Assistant Director, Molly Sunderlin
Part-time Career Counselor, Vicki Kocis
Part-time Career Counselor, Larry Sechney
Recruiting Manager, Rochelle Crozier
Part-time Database and Communications Coordinator, Cathy Shankweiler
Career Services Specialist, Amy Blythe
Part-time Office Assistant, Laura Matulewicz



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