Leaves of Absence

Students may request a Leave of Absence from their class dean in the Office of the Dean of the College at any time during the academic year or thereafter. If a student takes a Leave of Absence during the academic year, grades of  “WD” are entered  into the  permanent record for all relevant courses. To request reinstatement, students must submit a written request to their class dean in the Office of the Dean of the College.

Required Leave of Absence for Health and Safety Reasons
The College endeavors to provide a safe and orderly environment, insofar as possible, in which all students are able to pursue their academic and social development. In general, students whose behavior violates the Code of Conduct will be referred for disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Handbook without regard to whether they might also have a medical or psychological condition. The College has the right to place a student on temporary leave for health or safety reasons in those rare circumstances where a student’s medical or psychological health condition results in behavior that:

1) threatens their own health or safety;

2) the health or safety of others; or

3) consistently interferes with the educational process.

A student whose behavior appears to meet the criteria for posing a serious risk to his/her own or others’ health or safety, and/or the educational process, will be subject to review by members of the Behavioral Health and Safety Review Committee. The committee is chaired by the dean of students; additional members include the directors of health, counseling, and residence life, and two associate deans of the College. If the committee determines that the information about the student’s behavior warrants further action, the dean of students will inform the student in writing that he or she is required to:

1) meet with the dean of students and

2) undergo an evaluation conducted by either the director of counseling services (or designee) and/or by the college physician (or designee).

In certain circumstances, such as when a student has attempted suicide, the dean of students may place the student on immediate temporary leave without prior consultation with the full committee. The student may not return to campus without complying with established readmission procedures (available from the Division of Campus Life and the Office of the Dean of the College).

Medical Leave of Absence

The process for obtaining a medical leave of absence is the same as the regular leave of absence policy with the addition of recommendations from the Bailey Health Center and/or Counseling Center.

Resignation of Students

Occasionally, students will consider leaving Lafayette due to poor health, financial difficulties, or other personal reasons or to transfer to another institution.  Usually they will discuss the situation with their advisers.  Counseling by the adviser can be very beneficial to the student in this situation.  Such students should then be referred to the Office of the Dean of the College either for an exit interview or further conversation.


Lafayette College reserves the right in its sole judgment to amend any policy or program described herein without prior notice to persons who might thereby be affected. At its sole option, the College may suspend or eliminate courses, academic departments, or degree programs; change curricular offerings, graduation requirements, and regulations on standing of students; alter its class schedule and academic calendar; or make changes of any nature whenever in its judgment such changes are desirable for any reason. The provisions of this publication are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the College and the student. Payment of tuition or attendance at any classes shall constitute acceptance by the student of the College's rights as set forth in this paragraph.