Academic Probation

At the end of each academic term, the Academic Progress Committee reviews students whose academic performance is potentially of concern. A student may be placed on academic probation if either the cumulative grade point average is below 2.0 or the semester grade point average is below 2.0. Students on academic probation may not study abroad on semester-long programs.

A student on academic probation is required to complete a Personal Academic Plan and meet with her/his class dean at the start of the subsequent semester. Those meetings are designed to support the student’s efforts to improve his/her experience and his/her performance. Oftentimes significant referrals will be made to sources of assistance such as the ATTIC, the Health Centers, Residence Life, etc. Faculty should feel free to contact a class dean to discuss these meetings and their outcomes.

A student on academic probation who fails to improve her/his academic performance may be continued on academic probation or required to withdraw. A student required to withdraw may not study at Lafayette for at least one semester and will need to request reinstatement through her/his class dean (in writing at least one month before the start of classes). It is important for students receiving Lafayette financial aid to understand that one of the consequences of being required to withdraw is the suspension of such aid for at least one term when the student resumes her/his studies and until the student is removed from probation. More information about financial aid and academic progress can be found here.


Lafayette College reserves the right in its sole judgment to amend any policy or program described herein without prior notice to persons who might thereby be affected. At its sole option, the College may suspend or eliminate courses, academic departments, or degree programs; change curricular offerings, graduation requirements, and regulations on standing of students; alter its class schedule and academic calendar; or make changes of any nature whenever in its judgment such changes are desirable for any reason. The provisions of this publication are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the College and the student. Payment of tuition or attendance at any classes shall constitute acceptance by the student of the College's rights as set forth in this paragraph.