Class of 2016 and Beyond


There is a Banner search tool that advisors can use to determine what courses in a given semester satisfy particular requirements of the CCS.  That search tool can be found HERE IN BANNER SELF-SERVICE.

The Lafayette Common Course of Study (CCS) was revised by the faculty in 2012 to create an all inclusive core. In addition, it is our first outcomes-based curriculum and so includes goals that will be assessed on a continuing basis. Resulting in an organic general education program that will evolve and change as we review how well we are accomplishing what we aspire to teach our students.

First-Year Seminar

Taken in the fall semester of the first year, is designed to introduce students to intellectual inquiry by engaging them as thinkers, speakers, and writers.

Distribution Requirements

Requires the completion of: one course with a Humanities (H) designation, one course with a Natural Science with lab (NS) designation, one course with a Social Sciences (SS) designation; and two additional courses in two different divisions outside the student’s home division. Courses may be selected from Engineering, including courses designated as Science and Technology in a Social Context (STSC); Humanities; Natural Science w/lab or Natural Science w/STSC; and Social Sciences.

Courses designated as Science and Technology in a Social Context (STSC) are courses in science or engineering without a lab in which students will address a scientific or technological issue of timely importance.

Quantitative Reasoning Requirement

One course in which students learn to use mathematical methods to solve problems, represent and interpret quantitative information, and critically analyze mathematical results.

Writing Requirement

Satisfied through the First-Year Seminar and three additional W-designated courses that use process writing methods with at least one course in the major and at least one course outside the major.

Global and Multiculturalism

Requires the completion of two courses that examine the structure of identity, diversity and differences in domestic and global contexts.

Values Requirement

Satisfied by a course where students construct and evaluate answers to questions of moral and political concern.

Elementary Proficiency in a Second Language

Requires the completion of a year of study of a language. Students may be exempt via advanced placement credit, SAT 2 or TOEFL testing.


Lafayette College reserves the right in its sole judgment to amend any policy or program described herein without prior notice to persons who might thereby be affected. At its sole option, the College may suspend or eliminate courses, academic departments, or degree programs; change curricular offerings, graduation requirements, and regulations on standing of students; alter its class schedule and academic calendar; or make changes of any nature whenever in its judgment such changes are desirable for any reason. The provisions of this publication are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the College and the student. Payment of tuition or attendance at any classes shall constitute acceptance by the student of the College's rights as set forth in this paragraph.