Health Professions

Basic Health Professional School Course Prerequisites:

While you may select any major, you must complete the requirements for admissions specified by each school. All schools have the following minimum requirements:

• 2 courses Biology with labs
• 2 courses Physics with labs
• 2 courses General Chemistry with labs
• 2 courses Organic Chemistry with labs
• 1 course Mathematics (typically calculus based)
• 2-4 courses of English composition

BUT added requirements vary by school and discipline! Please go directly to your preferred schools’ web page and to the professional association’s web page for the most up to date and complete information. Common additional course requirements include:

For MD/DO Programs:
• 1 course Statistics
• 1 course Biochemistry
• competence in Psychology
• competence in Sociology

For Dental Programs:
•1 course Biochemistry

For Veterinary Medicine Programs:
• 1 course Biochemistry

For Optometry School Programs:
• 1 course Microbiology

For Podiatry Programs:
• no additional required coursework

Recognize that requirements are subject to change AND successful performance on admission tests may require additional coursework. Again, please consult the appropriate web source.
The Health Professions Advising Office on its web site provides links to authoritative sources for recommended and added required coursework.

Added Essentials:





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