Advising Basics

Lafayette advisers provide expert knowledge and insight to students. They are an integral part of the College as they are familiar with policies & procedures, available for support, and openly communicate with students and faculty members.

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Dean Goldberg is dedicated to working closely with students, faculty, and the Graduate and Fellowship Advisory Committee to ensure that scholarship and fellowship program requirements are not just met, but that applications are worthy of serious consideration.

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Graduate School

Pursing a graduate or professional degree is an important decision that requires significant planning. For students exploring graduate school options, there are graduate school advising liaisons in each department.

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Declaring a Major/Minor

Lafayette students typically declare a major by the end of their sophomore year. The A.B. requirements make it possible for you to pursue two majors or a coordinate major in two departments.

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All students are eligible to register for one internship course. Students earning a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or above may petition to take a second internship for credit. Normally, first-year students and sophomores are not eligible for participation in an internship program, and no credit may be given ex post facto for internships.

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Pre-professional: Health

The bachelor of arts or bachelor of science curricula, regardless of major, provides the necessary background for entrance into schools of medicine (allopathic, osteopathic, and podiatric), dentistry, optometry, veterinary medicine, and other disciplines, provided the student graduates with the health professional school’s requisite science and other undergraduate coursework.

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Pre-professional: Law

The Legal Professions Program provides guidance and resources to students so they can make informed choices about whether and how to pursue a career in law. The program encourages students at all class levels to engage with members of the faculty to explore their interests in legal issues and/or a career in law.

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Study Abroad

Lafayette students have the opportunity to participate in programs abroad for a semester, over the summer, during a January or May Interim period, or for even shorter durations through various service-oriented programs.

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Transfer Students

Transfer students are required to complete the equivalent of a First-Year Seminar.  The equivalence of a first-year seminar must be determined by the Office of the Provost, the Registrar, or the individual charged with the responsibility of overseeing the curriculum.  Incoming transfer students not receiving transfer credit for a first-year seminar must take a writing intensive Lafayette course.

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Lafayette College reserves the right in its sole judgment to amend any policy or program described herein without prior notice to persons who might thereby be affected. At its sole option, the College may suspend or eliminate courses, academic departments, or degree programs; change curricular offerings, graduation requirements, and regulations on standing of students; alter its class schedule and academic calendar; or make changes of any nature whenever in its judgment such changes are desirable for any reason. The provisions of this publication are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the College and the student. Payment of tuition or attendance at any classes shall constitute acceptance by the student of the College's rights as set forth in this paragraph.